Know These Things Before Visiting Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia that has many features so that many tourists, both local and foreign, want to visit it. Therefore, usually many provide Bromo tour package where with these travel packages we can visit some very useful things for us to visit.

Advantages Of Using The Bromo Tour Package

When we want to take a vacation to Bromo, it is highly recommended to take a Bromo tour package because that way our vacation will be more optimal and effective, as for some of the advantages that we can get from using a travel package, including the following:

  • More cost-effective

The first advantage is that we can save more on costs compared to traveling independently, this is because the costs incurred will be shared, besides that we can also ensure expenses during the trip so that we can easily make a budget to save expenses.

  • Maximizing travel

In addition to saving money, we can also maximize our vacation time without having to bother making plans and finding a way to get to the location because everything has been prepared by the travel package, so our trip will be more optimal and enjoyable.

5 Must-Visit Destinations While On Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is in the Tenger area, we can visit the mountain from different areas, either through Pasuruan, Lumajang, Probolinggo, and Malang. As for when visiting Mount Bromo, we should not miss 5 destinations that must also be visited because of their extraordinary beauty and so amazing. Some of the must-visit destinations are:

  •  Visit the whispering sand

Whispering sand or sea of ​​​​sand is a tourist destination that must be visited if you are in Bromo, called whispering because this sand used to be very quiet, so quiet that we can hear the sound of the wind like people whispering, this tourist destination is quite a typical tour of Mount Bromo because it is a very large desert.

  • Watching the sunrise on the side of Mount Bromo

The thing we need to do when visiting Bromo is to watch the sunrise. This is usually the most awaited attraction by tourists. At sunrise, the natural beauty around Bromo will look so very beautiful and amazing that we should not miss it. To see its beauty, we can look for places that are quite strategic, such as the hill of love, hill Dingklik, hill Kongkog, and the peak of climbing. The hills are the most strategic spots to see the sunrise.

  • Take pictures on the Teletubbies hill

One of the Bromo tourist destinations that are included in the Bromo tour package is Teletubbies hill, referred to as Teletubbies hill because the hill is wavy just like the hill in the Teletubbies movie. On this tour, tourists usually take pictures with a beautiful hill background, besides that, packages for breakfast are also provided here so that we can enjoy breakfast on this hill comfortably.

  • Bromo Terrace

The next thing we need to visit is the Bromo terrace. In this place we can enjoy the beauty of the Bromo sunset in the afternoon while relaxing, the Bromo terrace itself is the name of the restaurant which in addition to providing delicious food and drinks also offers the beauty of the sunset at sunset.

  • Enjoy the beauty of Bromo crater

When on vacation to Bromo we should not miss the Bromo crater, because it is the main attraction of Bromo itself. To be able to enjoy the beauty of the crater we need to climb it first, where to get there we only need 1 hour.

That’s all about 5 things that you will usually visit when on vacation in Bromo if you use the Bromo tour package.

How to Become a Full-Time Trader

Many people are interested in trading, not even just trying to trade but becoming full-time traders. You may be one of them who is interested in trying this trading because in the midst of a pandemic that makes everything have to be done at home. Trading can be a productive entertainer with best forex trading signals. It’s only natural that many people are interested in this trading because of the promising trading income prospects.

Full-Time Traders Need To Put Everything Into Trading

Although it is very interesting to try, being a full-time trader is not easy. The reason is some preparation for a full-time trader is not just a lot of money. The preparation of a full-time trader is also broad insight and experience as well. Many people want to change their lives to trade. Because trading can make us get double profits.

Trading transactions are also now easier and can be done quickly. It seems that it is really easy to make a lot of money from stocks, so many people stop working to become full-time traders. But they will face the real trading reality. Profits of fantastic value cannot be obtained quickly or instantly. Full-time traders can enjoy the freedom, the freedom that cannot be felt by office employees. Even so, the freedom of a full-time trader requires a lot of preparation.

Some Of The Main Steps That A Full-Time Trader Must Do

Full-time traders need to have good skills, risk tolerance, and so on. If you are not mentally brave and there are no sufficient funds, then it is very difficult to become a full-time trader. Full-time traders need to go through a long road and struggle to be successful, here are some steps that full-time traders need to do.

Setting Up Trading Funds

Without investment, you cannot do full-time trading. The funds that must be prepared are quite varied. Many traders recommend that we set aside funds according to our own income but from one year ago. The income funds to meet all daily needs. Starting from food, housing needs, debt, and so on.

By setting up funds like this, it can make you less burdened with daily needs when trading. In addition, you should prepare funds of about 4-5 times your monthly expenses. The emergency fund is used to meet every need that we cannot anticipate. For example, accidents, hospital admission due to serious illness, and the like. Emergency funds and best forex trading signals can make us safer, financial conditions can be calmer, and your psychological condition can also be more stable when starting trading.

If the above funds are available, then you can raise funds for trading needs. Many people may ask how much money is needed to start full-time trading. The amount of funds depends on how many full-time trading profit targets you want to get. Trading targets must be realistic, the larger the funds prepared, the higher the potential to generate more profits.

Prepare Some Trading Strategies

It’s better not to rush to start full-time trading, set aside your time to learn everything about trading. You can read books, attend seminars and so on about trading. At least, we understand various trading analyses, such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, market sentiment, etc. If you have learned it, try to make a trading strategy that can be applied. Practice the trading strategy that you have tried to make in the simulation repeatedly.

Now many applications support the trading simulation. Another alternative is to start experimenting with small funds first on one of your favorite securities. If you can really apply your knowledge to make a profit, then you can move on to the next challenge.

Practice Patience And Always Discipline

If you have achieved success just once, you still can’t prove your ability to trade is worthy of appreciation. Full-time traders need to make consistent profits over the long term. Therefore, you must be disciplined in all situations. When the target is reached, the trader needs to release the stock immediately. If the trading prediction turns out to be wrong, then the stock price actually drops, then the trader needs to make a cut loss. For those who want to start trading, this may sound easy, but often best forex trading signals need to think twice when dealing with the real situation in the market.

The Best Singaporean Culinary You Must Try

Singapore is a small country with high diversity. Not only the culture, but the foods also vary because of the diversity of several types of race. Originally, Singaporean are mixing between Chinese, Arabian, and Malay cultures living together in that place. Therefore, no wonder that they have various types of foods from each race.

Singapore has multi races are such as China town, Arabian town, and Malay Town that you may visit in a day. The area is mostly dominated by each race, that is why you also can find each type of food which different one to others.

The Best Halal Singaporean Culinary

For Muslim travelers, there are dozens of culinary foods you can try in Singapore. Halal foods are usually Arabian foods or Malay foods. It does not contain any ingredients which are not allowed for Muslims such as alcohol, ham, or pork. The stall is also clearly mentioned Halal food to avoid confusion to customers.

  • Laksa

Laksa is the original food you can find in Singapore. Basically, it is noodle with coconut cream soup and has a rich flavor. It uses a different kind of tropical spices and topping. The handmade noodle is cooked and put in a bowl. Then the soup is poured into the bowl with other ingredients such as fish ball, shrimp, octopus, and chicken. This is one of the most popular foods with Moslem Friendly.

  • Ice Kachang

Ice kachang is one of the halal street foods you can find easily in Singapore. The big size of the ice block is shaved like snow and add some syrup with 3 flavors. There are several toppings on it such as red bean, corn, jelly, and sugar palm fruit. This street food is good on a hot sunny day. In South Korea, this food is known as Pat Bingsu with similar ingredients.

The Best Non-Halal Singaporean Culinary

Singapore also offers western culinary for non-Muslim travelers. Usually, they use nonhalal ingredients such as alcohol and Haram oil for the foods,

  • Chili Crab

For all spicy lovers, Chili Crab is highly recommended for you. Usually, they use soft shell crab so you can eat the whole crab once. They use chili, tomato, egg, and other spices to make this food interesting not only by taste and also by visual. Chili crab is great when you eat with a warm bun.

  • Rojak Singapura

Rojak is a mixing between fruit and cooked vegetable salad served with nut sauce. It is served fresh and suitable on a hot sunny day. The most used fruit for this dish is Starfruit, Pineapple, and water apple. While, for the vegetables, they use cooked cabbage, Kangkung, Cucumber, and Bean sprout.

  • Roti Prata

Originally from India, Roti prata is quite familiar with Canai. The texture is soft but crispy with a combination of several fillings. It is usually served with a different kind of curry soup such as beef curry, lamb curry, and pork curry.

The Top Places in Thailand You Must Visit

If you are a real traveler, Thailand must be one of the destination countries that you must visit. Located in South East Asia surrounded by 3 great countries, Thailand offers different vibes for foreign visitors. Especially for travelers outside the Asian country, they will find something new in this country. It also has many top places which are quite popular around the world. Some great and popular movies are also taken in this country.

5 Reasons Why You Must Travel Thailand

If you are still confused to decide the places you will spend during the New Year holiday, Thailand becomes the best choice.

  • Less Expensive

Thailand is still a developing country with a low price of their primary needs. Compared to other countries in Asia such as Japan and South Korea, Thailand is the less expensive among those three options. The price of its public transportation, food, and accommodation will not spend the whole of your savings. Thailand is almost as cheap as other countries such as Indonesia or the Philippines. Moreover, there are many airlines which offer cheap flights from and to all countries in the southeast Asian country.

  • Backpacker Friendly

For all backpackers with their entire limited budget, Thailand is a great place you must choose. There are a thousand cheap hotels and accommodations, especially for a backpacker. Public transportation is also available at a cheap price and can take you all around Thailand.

  • Various Destinations

Thailand has various destinations that are close to each other. For example, if you have 1 day only to explore Bangkok, your 24 hours will never be enough for you. The destinations also vary from Historic Places, Natural Tourism, Resort, Beach, and also Supermall.

  • Culinary Options

Thailand culinary option will never be disappointed. Mostly, it serves its natural ingredients originally from Thailand. Thailand Durian becomes one of the foods you must try when you visit there. It may smell stingy but you will taste different impressions for your tongue palate. Besides durian, you may try mango sticky rice, thai tea, and duck rice.

  • Night View

Bangkok is never a dead city because it is open 24 hours x 7 days. That is the reason why they never die. Mostly, you can find 24 hours bar, café, the restaurant in Bangkok city.

The Top Places You Must Visit In Thailand

After knowing the reason, you must visit Thailand, now you must know several top places you need to explore.

  1. The Grand Palace

The grand palace is the place where the king of Thailand lives with his family. The area is 218 km² wide so you can explore the whole area in a day. The entry fee is around 500 Baht or $16 and opens every day from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Since it is a cultural place and highly respected by Thai, visitors are not allowed to wear shorts when they enter the area. Therefore, they will offer a long fabric to cover your feet.

  1. Emerald Budha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew)

Located near the Grand Palace, you will find many kinds of Budha Statue. Before entering the building, you must take off your footwear to keep the place clean, and also maintain politeness to Budha and spirits. In this place, you will find a golden huge Budha statue lying on the floor.

  1. Chatuchak Market

It is a great place to do the shopping and buy souvenirs for your hometown. The market only opens on weekends from 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. so you must consider the day you visit this place. It sells various kinds of primary needs such as street food, cloth wear, and souvenirs. The price is cheap and you still can bargain with the seller.

The market is really crowded in the evening so it is better to come early on Saturday or Sunday. Also, it is hard to find a parking area in this place so it is better to use public transportation.

  1. Phuket

Phuket is the icon of Thailand which is popular all around the world. It is the best place for beach lovers. You can find a beautiful beach with sunset and sunrise in this place. The beach also has white sand and calm wave so you can swim safely.

The Most Visited Places in Singapore

Have you prepared your New Year celebration this week? Where will you celebrate it? Most people usually prepare a special activity to celebrate New Year’s eve with their partner or even family. This annual activity is dominated by firework parties in some of the popular places, music performances, and BBQ parties with a lot of people. Singapore becomes one of the most visited countries to celebrate the New Year.

Singapore is located in the Malaya peninsula and is only 728 km2 wide. It is almost as wide as Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia. Therefore, it is easy to visit the whole country only in one day. The transportation is good so you will not find difficulties to visit the popular places there. Especially for the New Year celebration, there are some places that you must visit to spend your new year’s eve with the people you love the most.

The Most Visited Places In Singapore For Couple

If you plan to spend your new year’s eve with your partner as a couple, the below places are highly recommended for you. Mostly, these places offer a romantic situation for couples.

  1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay is officially opened in 2010 and becomes the most popular places in Singapore. It is a combination of the entertainment center and resorts for all tourists around the world. There is 3 iconic building with a big ship on the top. Mostly they take a picture with the building as the background. The location is so romantic for couples to spend new year’s eve there.

  1. Helix Bridge

The location is quite near to Marina Bay Sands so you can reach the place only by walk. The view is the best at night because the whole lamp will turn on and shows the framework of DNA. Therefore, it is recommended if you visit this place on new year’s eve rather than on the day.

  1. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is an island separated from the main Singapore island so you need to cross with public transportation such as the bus or monorail Sentosa express, or cable car. If you choose the cable car, you can see the beautiful view of Singapore from the above. Sentosa Island offers some beautiful places such as beaches, restaurants, and shopping malls.

The Most Visited Places In Singapore For Family

If you want to spend the new year with family, these places are really recommended especially for kids. They can enjoy the view and learn from the places as well.

  • Merlion Park

As the icon of Singapore, Merlion Park is the most popular place in Singapore. The merlion itself has a long history for the country name. Merlion itself is an abbreviation of mermaid and lion.

  • Universal Studios

This place is very suitable if you want to spend time with your child. We can say that this place is all children’s dream, especially for Disney lovers. It has so many Disney characters that children see on TV or in movies. Make sure that you book the ticket first because they limit the visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.