Things to Consider about House Moving Cost

As you can expect, the task of moving a house is a herculean task, can be quite expensive, and not an easy task to do. Not many moving companies are up to the job of moving house, as it requires so much effort, costs, and equipment. From pulling out the house from its root, moving it with trucks, and then placing it back into new places. The costs can be quite expensive to consider.

If you like to know more about moving companies, tips and things to consider when you want to move a house, or the cost of moving a house, then you have come to the right place. Visit also our other articles here, to know more about the way you should carry a house, how to move it, and the recommendations for trusted, inexpensive moving companies to help you move your home safely.

When considering moving a house, there are many things to consider, from cost, safety, locations, and the moving company itself. It is quite a herculean task to move a house, as it requires a lot of effort, manpower, tools, and cost to move a house into one location.

By we mean moving a house, is uprooting a house, placing it into trucks, and then moving it into its intended locations, not just the home, its furniture, and the inside of the house. It is quite possible to move a house into a better location, but it is mostly very expensive, and many opt to just move their belongings to buy their new home.

Things to Consider When You Are Trying to Move a House

When moving a house, there are many things to consider, from the cost of moving, the locations, the moving company, and so on. To make sure your moving is smooth, there are many things to consider, like choosing the best moving house company, its costs, the locations, etc. So, here are a few things you should always consider when trying to move a house.

  • Costs of moving a house

Since moving a house is such a huge task, many people just choose to buy a new house and move their belonging to their new home, and it is been quite common. However, many people were still attached to their old homes and decided to move houses. The costs of moving a house can be quite hefty sums, but some of the moving house companies can give quite inexpensive.

  • Process of moving a house

Generally, moving a house consists of four-part: Site preparation, house preparation, the moving, and setting your home into a new location. Homes are lifted using sills, then professional movers will use a hydraulic jacking system, to raise the building, and prevent damage. Then it is placed in new locations after it was moved.

  • Locations

Scouting new locations for your new home is always a good step in preparing your house to move. Since the costs of moving a house can be quite hefty, the farther your moving location, the more it will cost of course.

Benefits of Moving House

Moving house can be quite troublesome, however, there are appealing features of moving house, for example, some of the older house types, like the $10 Montclair, NJ house, have their historical value that will be worth more to be moved rather than demolished. Along with historic and aesthetic value, some people might also like their older home way more than a new home.

Moving house to new locations can be quite worthwhile if you love your home, and doesn’t want a new home. Some homeowners choose to move houses vertically, by lifting them off foundations, to prevent issues like flooding or crumbling foundation, and also open up a chance for relocation, by moving company.

5 Common Indications of Damage to Car Engines

The car engine is the most important component that must be considered. Whether it’s a new car or a used car, doing car maintenance is something that must be done. Because if there is damage to the car engine, the consequences can be very fatal.

Even if you are using the best Ford diesel engine, you should also recognize common indicators of car engine damage, especially for Ford diesel that require special attention.

When a car engine has a problem, usually there will be some special signs that can be recognized. This indicates that the car engine is no longer able to work according to its portion and requires repair.

General Indications of Broken Car Engine

To identify a damaged car engine, here are some specific signs of a damaged car engine that needs repair:

  1. Sound Appears from the Runway

When the car engine is damaged, you will hear a sound from the runway system. This sound can appear suddenly and is a sign that there is a problem with the machine.

The most frequent problem is knocking. To overcome this, you can use the best Ford diesel engine. But do not deny that the car engine is often damaged due to causes that we are not aware of.

  1. Colored Exhaust Smoke

One of the common indicators of a damaged car engine is colored exhaust smoke and an unpleasant smell. If the combustion is complete, there will be no exhaust fumes.

However, if the combustion process in the car engine is not perfect, exhaust fumes can appear. The causes also vary, such as a damaged filter or a clogged drain.

Moreover, if this smoke emits a pungent odor, then this indicates there is a problem with your car engine. For that, you can use the best Ford diesel engine to solve vehicle engine problems.

  1. Oil Drip

Another indicator that shows that your car engine is damaged is oil that keeps dripping. This dripping oil indicates there is a problem with the oil compartment in the car engine.

If the oil continues to drip for a long time, then you need to take your car to a repair shop to check which component is damaged. Usually leaking oil is caused by a leaky line and makes the oil come out of the engine.

  1. Rough Engine Sound

In addition to knocking, a sign of a damaged car engine is a rough engine sound. Even when you just start the car you will hear a rough car sound. The causes of this problem are also very many.

For example, because of the oil that should be expanding, then there is damage. When oil cannot be used as a lubricant, the friction between the components in a car engine can produce a rougher car sound.

When the car engine makes a rough sound, it indicates a problem with the oil. If this happens, then you need to immediately take your car to a repair shop for routine service.

  1. Wasteful Fuel

When you use a car that was previously fuel-efficient, but suddenly becomes wasteful of fuel, then this is a sign that there is a problem with your car’s engine.

A faulty car engine can cause gasoline to become more fuel-free. This problem usually occurs in car injection engines.

If this happens then you need to use the best Ford diesel engine to avoid problems with fuel usage. Damaged car engines are usually caused by many factors and we must immediately find out.

You must recognize the characteristics of a damaged car engine so that you can repair it immediately.

Complete Guide to Strongman Training

We will give you everything that you must know about the strongman, from the contest preparation to the part where you can deal with the injuries. This could be the guide that will give you a detailed look at all the nine major types of strongman events.

Know Better of The Strongman Contest

This guide you also will find on the books and internet and it will help you to understand and also it will teach you everything that you need to know about this kind of thing. It will teach you about

  • What kind of training and conditioning is required if you want to compete in the strongman competition
  • Also, you will learn how to pick a strongman contest as well
  • This also will teach you about what kind of items that necessary for you in your gym bag
  • Also, you can learn how to deal with training injuries
  • And how to perform them in the 9 major events that might occur in the strongman contest

This guide is meant to be the introduction to the people who are new to this kind of field, especially those who are newcomers to the strongman events. It will describe the training that you need to do, also preparation before the event, preparation for the contest itself, and many other things that are related to the strongman contest.

Do you need to know first what is the strongman? In many ways, it’s a throwback to the time when the circus performers traveled in strongmen a long time ago. It’s also known as the strength sport that of course by the name of it you already know what kind of contest is this right?

This sport will require you to weigh a deadlift to press a log or even an axle. There are many things that you will find in this contest, even the partial squat, and many others.

There is some preparation that you need to do before you begin your strongman training, and these might be the preparation that you need to do before you start your training for the strongman contest.

  1. You need to be strong; this is for sure. That’s why you need to train yourself as hard as you can to gain the power that you need for the contest
  2. To develop the strength, you can do a deadlift, bench squat, and also running with more than 600 pounds on your back
  3. You must burn your fat with cardio. This is the best way for you to easily lose fat and make your body stronger than ever before.
  4. You also need to prepare your mind, so that your body will be stronger and you will gain more power and strength that will be very useful for you.

And then the next thing that you need to know is how to pick up your strongman contest. You must know how to pick which contest that fits you and of course, you need to pick the contest according to what you are capable of. After the long preparation, you must know that this contest will be quite hard to do.

But if you can pick the right contest, it will be easier for you. If you are a crappy presser, you can choose or pick something like heavy with pulls, would sometimes this could be easy to do.

Train as hard as you can to gain more muscles for your body. Train with everything you’ve got and do the best you can. With the perfect preparation, you will be able to win this contest easily and of course, you need to prepare not only your body but also your mind.

But before you go to the contest, there are a few of the following items that you must bring with you.

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Extra clothes
  3. You need also to bring extra underwear
  4. First aid kit
  5. Ammonia
  6. And also bring a pain killer
  7. Warm clothes
  8. Baby powder
  9. Boots or you can bring heavy walking shoes
  10. Slippers for deadlift
  11. Squat suit
  12. And suit for deadlift

If you want to find any kind of information that can be handy for you in the field, you can visit and find much information that you might need for future events.

About Trucking Companies and Freight Brokers

When we are talking about trucks, some people might think about the big slow-wheeler creeping their way on the highway, but some people would also think of commercial supply chains, delivering shipments, and even potential business. Trucking companies and freight brokers are business models that contribute a lot to society, especially the supply chain that sustains modern societies.

Now today, we would learn more about the relationship between trucking companies, and freight brokers, why trucking companies would want to work together with freight brokers, and what are benefits for each of them. Here, you can also see our other dispatch course training for trucking, and brokers, if you are interested in becoming a trucking businessman.

Visit our website if you want to know more about truck dispatchers, how to become a professional truck dispatcher, how to start your own trucking company, and learn more at our dispatch course training for free. For now, let’s get into the discussion, shall we?

The Relationship and Work of Trucking Companies and Freight Brokers

To understand more about each of them and their relationship, first, we need to take a look at each of them, how their business model works, and how they manage to earn profits for each of them.

  • Trucking Company

Just like the name, the trucking company is a Business Company that owns, or at least invests in trucks. The trucking company handles all sorts of things from delivering shipments, managing truck drivers, dispatching trucks, and so on. A trucking company doesn’t have to own trucks, but rather it can borrow or use other company trucks to make a profit before it can invest its money into trucks.

Trucking Company earns their money from contracts from the shippers that want to ship their loads somewhere. These contracts can be bought, and earned for them, meaning that they will have rights to deliver the shipments and earn profits from delivering them.

  • Freight Brokers 

Freight brokers are middlemen that come between shippers (people or businesses that want to deliver shipments of goods), and carriers (people or businesses that want to deliver goods). It is essentially helping to connect the supply chain, helping truck drivers, and trucking company owners to find shippers who have loading contracts for them.

For shippers, freight brokers offer their help to find truck drivers that can deliver their load, and for carriers, the freight broker provides new business ventures, and leads, helping their truck drivers to get more jobs, and income. In return, the freight brokers will have their share for each successful delivery.

Freight brokers are operated by hiring some individual brokers whose job is to match and find truck drivers or trucking companies for the shipments. These individual brokers would then get a brokerage fee from each successful load delivery. This brokerage fee is the margin of what they claim from both the shippers and the carrier, and it is mostly on the contract before they agree on their share.

Freight brokers in it are a pretty lucrative business venture, and with the rising demands for commercial trucking business, the freight brokers industry would also grow. In the US alone, by the time of 2018, there are more than 18.000 freight brokers that are active in the state, becoming an irreplaceable part of how the freight and trucking industries work.

The Relationship Between Trucking Companies and Freight Rokers

To learn more about other dispatch course and trucking training you can visit our official website. We provide all sorts of useful and helpful information for every truck owner and trucking business.

There are many ways that freight brokers could help trucking companies, from providing additional capacity, providing more flexibility on their asset carriers, giving better networks and relationships with shippers, and so on. This way, freight brokers could easily handle the jobs that truck dispatchers would need to do, levitating a few of the burdens of the truck dispatcher.

Freight brokers can provide more additional capacity for trucking, especially during the increasing demands such as with the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Christmas holiday season. Brokers would also provide more flexibility on their assets and contract, bringing more shippers’ contracts along the way.

To help you become better truck shippers, find the best shipments contract, and learn to become a more successful truck dispatcher, visit our dispatch course online.

Modern Car Engines Vs Old Car Engines

The car engine is an important thing to consider when you buy a new car. Even if we compare it with other technologies, the car engine doesn’t change much in every new car model that’s just released.

For example, if you buy a Toyota Camry in 2018 it may not be much different from the engine specifications of the Toyota Camry 2023. Moreover, the Toyota Camry is still a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Many are looking for the 2023 Toyota Camry spy photos out of curiosity about the redesign made by Toyota and what technology updates are in it.

Although the car continues to have the latest version, the basic principle of working the engine is of course still the same today. Moreover, modern car engines have evolved to meet the needs and maximize driver efficiency.

Old car engines and new car engines may have the same way of working, but if we talk about innovation, of course, some things distinguish the two.

The Basic Difference between Modern and Old Car Engines

Before we discuss the differences between old and modern car engines, it’s good to know the basics of how car engines work.

Basically, in cars, air and gasoline are ignited in a chamber called a cylinder. In this room, there is a piston that is used as a mover up and down by air or gasoline.

The piston itself is attached to the crankshaft which makes the piston go up and down, which will make the crankshaft rotate. When the crankshaft exits the transmission, this is what will transmit power to the wheels of our car.

Although it sounds simple, almost all modern machines also have the same way of working. The difference is in the innovations that are continuously carried out by the factory so that car engines work more effectively.

Here are some differences between modern car engines and old car engines:

  1. Smaller Modern Machines

2023 Toyota Camry spy photos show a smaller car engine even though the power given is greater. This shows that modern car engines produce more power but are smaller in size.

Toyota has thought that to create more power, of course, it doesn’t have to make a bigger engine but increase engine performance to make it more intelligent and efficient.

Modern car engines have a smaller size but work more efficiently because they can produce a lot of power easily.

  1. Work Smarter

One of the main differences between modern engines and older car engines is that modern engines don’t work as hard. Four cylinders in the car can work effectively with the same amount of fuel.

Modern machines work smarter thanks to technology. Moreover, the cylinder can be deactivated when the engine is not needed. Variable-valve timing technology is one of the characteristics of modern car engines that you can easily find today.

  1. Modern Car Engines Are More Powerful

If we look at the 2023 Toyota Camry spy photos, people will care more about fuel economy. Especially in the latest cars, which are certainly expected to be more fuel-efficient.

But you also have to pay attention to the engine power that is in today’s modern cars. Because modern cars have a heavier load than old cars.

Modern cars have more complete safety features. This is what makes modern car engines stronger because they have to work hard in providing driving safety.

  1. Car engine is more efficient

Technological developments will make car engines work more efficiently. The newer the more efficient, moreover car engines with gasoline usually do not show engine efficiency.

Because all the chemical energy in gasoline only produces 15% of the mechanical energy that will drive the car. In contrast to modern cars that maximize the use of fuel to be more efficient.

One of them with direct injection technology that mixes air and fuel in the cylinder to increase engine efficiency and make fuel-efficient in driving the car.

This combustion process also makes the car more environmentally friendly and reduces carbon emissions. Modern cars use technology that only makes cars use fuel according to their needs.

This is what makes modern cars more efficient in maximizing fuel use. Of course, this affects the fuel economy in modern car engines.

  1. Car Engines Have Partners

Modern car engines seem to have a lot of technology that helps them use less fuel but produce more energy than older engine that don’t have them.

Modern car engines are advanced technologies that partner with other technologies that are in our cars. This is what makes the car engine work well.

If you look at the 2023 Toyota Camry spy photos, then you will realize that the basic difference between modern and old car engines will be seen in it and you will feel it yourself driving using the innovative technology made by Toyota.

Best Horror Puzzle Games You Should Try

Playing games via smartphones for a while will make the mind more relaxed. Several games can be played in your spare time. Like the horror scary wife game, survival games like PUBG, and other games that are no less fun to play.

Of these games, puzzle games are one of the most interesting games that can be played by all ages. Smartphone users can certainly play the puzzle game on their devices both offline and online.

Most of the best puzzle games are the creations of well-known game developers, such as Ustwo Games, Infinity Games, and so on. To find out more information, see the explanation below.

Benefits of Playing Puzzle Games

Playing puzzle games is not only fun for kids, but for adults too. This type of puzzle or puzzle game is a game category that is quite a lot downloaded by smartphone users.

This game itself is a relaxing game that can be played in your spare time between work and while studying, just to make your mind more relaxed.

This type of puzzle game is also not so draining of storage space on the smartphone. Usually, this game has a small capacity so it is safe when played. Puzzle games are useful for practicing concentration in solving problems.

In addition, this game also trains intelligence, especially for children. So, this game can be said to be suitable for stimulating the growth of children’s intelligence.

But what needs to be considered, is to keep playing time and don’t overdo it. Because it can make the eyes tired and not good for eye health in the future.

So, arrange your little one when playing a puzzle game not to over it on a smartphone.

Types of Puzzle Games to Try

Like horror games that have many types, such as scary wife. Puzzle games also have several types that are fun to try to just relieve fatigue and get rid of boredom. Here are a few types of puzzle games to try.

  • Tetris

Who doesn’t know a game called Tetris? This game is a very legendary block puzzle game. The game, which was launched in the 1980s, is still widely played today. If you are free, this Tetris game can be one of the right games to play.

In this Tetris game, there are three kinds of games, namely Tetri Together, Tetris Royale, and also Tetris Solo Marathon. The three types of games have their respective specifications.

Like the Tetris Solo Marathon mode which can improve playing skills. If you want to play together with friends, then Tetris Together can be an alternative game to play.

This 149 MB size game can be played on both Android and iOS platforms. Just download it easily on each of the available application services.

  • Monopoly Sudoku

As is known, monopoly and sudoku are popular games that have been played since time immemorial. These two games are quite popular because they are interesting to play.

One of the game developers on smartphones is trying to unite these two games under the name monopoly sudoku which makes fans interested in trying this game.


In this game, the player must complete the sudoku game to get a house. The more houses you get, the higher the hotel level will be.

The hotel level itself is a level that shows ability in the game. So, the higher the level of the hotel, the higher the ability to play.

  • Monument Valley Games

This game made by Ustwo Games has won awards in 2014 and 2015. Even so, this game is still a very fun game to play, not like scary wife that little bit creepy.

In the game, players will act as a silent princess named Ida. Later players will have an adventure in the world of surrealism and solve optical illusions created in the game.

What’s interesting in this game is that all the optical illusions that appear in the game are drawn by hand first. This game is a game that has a low capacity because it only takes up 48 MB of memory on a smartphone device.

A lot of games such as scary wife and puzzle that can make the day more relax by playing game.

How To Become A Good Customer Engineering Service? Here Is Some Tip

In the world of business Parker Distributor Indonesia and technology, the customer engineer is a very important part. Customer engineering services is a job that provides technical assistance services to customers if the customer has signed a contract with the company. This is where a very crucial part must maintain customer trust and make customers loyal to the company.

Some Methods to Become A Good Customer Engineering Service

There are many ways to do so that you can become a good customer engineer. Of course, we do this so that the company is more advanced and also many customers continue to come because of the good reputation by word of mouth. Let’s look at some methods that can be applied to become a good customer engineer.

  1. Always update

Customer engineering must always be updated with the latest technology, any technology that has been upgraded or will be upgraded in the future. so that Customer Engineering can help to develop technology owned by customers that may be out of date. So that customers can have the latest technology and also work more comfortably.

In this case, you also take the initiative to offer technology replacement with a more updated one. Because it could be that your customers are too busy to make replacements even though they have difficulty using old technology. However, you still need to ask permission for technology replacement, lest you replace it but the customer doesn’t know. This can lead to miscommunication which leads to conflict.

  1. Agile and responsive

As a customer engineer, you must always be agile and responsive to any customer complaints. You have to deal with it as quickly as possible but still produce good performance so that customers are satisfied with your service. This proves your professionalism and credibility as a customer engineer so that you will be more trusted by your customers.

  1. Communication skills

Although communication can be your forte, you still need to have good communication if you work as a customer engineering. Because what you will face is that customers have various characteristics and each customer’s personality is different. Therefore, communication is the main key in establishing good relationships with customers.

A good relationship between customer engineering Parker Distributor Indonesia and customers will certainly be very beneficial for the company. Because if the customer is satisfied with the customer engineering service, the customer will most likely continue to use the company’s services. If you feel your communication skills are still lacking then you need to learn more.

  1. Detailed and structured

Details and structure are important keys to being a customer engineering because they will lead you to success as a customer engineering. You need to pay attention to the details that your customers want, such as in the procurement of electronic goods, don’t miss anything because it can make your customers angry. In addition, you also need to work in a structured manner so as not to cause carelessness and create chaos.

As a good customer engineering Parker Distributor Indonesia, some of the things above are very important for you to master. You can continue to upgrade your skills over time. In addition to honing skills with experience, you can also learn in other ways to develop your skills. For example, you can take courses, read books or watch educational videos. I hope this helps!

Do these Best Ways to Reward Employees

Employees are one of the most important elements in a company because they are the ones who will do the various needs of the company. This makes many letter recommendation for a friend spread out to make it easier for someone to get a job.

We know that some employees have qualities based on the achievements they get. Some employees are extraordinary because of their great achievements and some employees are monotonous because they do not develop.

That’s why at this time you can maintain the quality of the company if you have these extraordinary employees because of the amount of effort and also contributing to improving the quality of the company. So try to give gifts to employees of this type to keep them able to improve their performance at work as a thank you.

Express Thanks in The Public

If you still feel confused because you don’t know how to give awards and prizes to employees, then you can try this alternative. Because doing simple things like this can have a huge impact and power on employees. Because they seem very appreciated because their superiors are proud of them and praised and thanked in public. This will increase their confidence in their previous achievements.

So that this will allow them to be sharper in their work because they have been given the trust and held by their superiors through thanks in advance. Although it looks simple, it turns out that this can give a very good vibe to the work environment.

Give Them Gift

Then another very simple way to reward them for the size or strategy in the company is to give them a gift. You can give gifts freely whether it’s in any form. It’s nice not to forget to also handwrite the gift where you thank your employees. Like this, the employee will not only feel that they are achieving but also be appreciated by their superiors.

Maybe this will make employees more confident in giving letter recommendation for a friend because they feel they can be trusted and relied on by their superiors.

Featuring the Employees on the Company Blog

One simple and inexpensive way to be able to reward your employees is to display photos of these employees on the company’s blog or website. Although it looks simple this can give a sense of great pride for the employees. Because usually, the photos displayed on a block are those who are the best employees.

So that having their photos posted on the company’s blog will make them even more excited to be able to show other achievements.

Offer Off-time

One of the things that most works crave is when they can get time off. Because with this they can spend time with their families or be able to do refreshing.

So, you can give this simple gift to your employees if you want to give them an award. Gifts like this will certainly mean a lot to employees because they can take a break from their busy work.

It must be recognized that giving rewards to employees can have a good impact and lead to a healthy work environment. Or if the above is not enough, then you can provide a letter recommendation for a friend for the employees.

Tips on How to Choose Right Printer

When you finally go to work, especially in the office, you might realize that you have to deal with many paper works. Whether it is the work paper, meeting material, and other printed documents, you really need to deal with paper and printed documents. That is why, you have to prepare what it needs in your office.

The needs that should be prepared is the computer, the paper, and the printer. In term of printing documents, the paper and the printer is the main needs. There are several branded printers but you need to choose one which suit your needs. Aside from that, if you already have Logitech printer, you really need the Logitech treiber to make the printer works properly.

Choosing the Right Printer for your Work

With the work schedule density, the pressure and the its big loads, you certainly do not want to bother taking care of troubled-printers. That is why, choosing good printers is a must. Well, there are some ways to consider which printer suit your work the most. Here are some tips to buy a printer.

Understand your Work

Before choosing the printer, you need to understand your work. What is your job description? How often you need to deal with papers and documents? Do you need a scanner to support your work? Well, if you understand clearly the kind of work you are currently doing, now you can go to step 2.

Choose the Simplest Printer

If you do not need a scanner, you don’t have to go for a printer with a scanner in it. You might consider the simple printer that only works for printing document. Don’t forget to also consider how is the installment of the printer, or its Logitech treiber so you won’t have to deal with difficulties installing the printer later in the office.

Choose Best Value for Budget Printer

You have all the things to choose the printer to support your work. Now, all you have to do is to choose the printer which gives you the best value. Do not focus on buying expensive printers because not all expensive printers give best quality. Just focus on the best value for budget printer to get your work done.

Printer Maintenance

Before the sale and purchase agreement, you need to also know how to maintain the printer. Good printer is the printer that able to get your work done, and last longer than average branded printer. Based on that, you should also know how to make your printer last longer. Printer maintenance is crucial, especially if the printer is very often used.

After all the steps you have gone through, now you can bring the printers to your office and maintain it well to support your work. Simple tips for the last, if you purchased the Logitech printer, and you lost the printer driver CD, you can always search and download the Logitech treiber on its official website and install it to your PC or laptop. That is all, hope these tips might help.

Adding Smooth Transition Effects With Kinemaster Pro

Many video effects are popularly used, one of which is the Transition effect. This best free video editing software effect occurs when two videos meet overlapping. Transitions can only be created in a specific area, an area where two videos overlap. Meanwhile, transition effects cannot be used if there is only one part of the video. One popular transition effect is the smooth transition that videographers often use.

How to Add Transitions To Videos

The following info will explain how or steps to create a transition effect in your video. While the video application used is Kinemaster pro.

  1. The first step, you can open Kinemaster Pro. Choose the movie icon or the + button in the middle. Then you can choose the 16: 9 aspect ratio for your video. If you already have an old video project, then you can also try using that video project.
  2. If you don’t have a video project yet, you can import the video footage to which you want to add a transition effect. You can click on media and then select which video import you will edit with the Kinemaster application. If your video is long and you want to import it into the application, you can also trim your video first. Edit your video footage with filmography needs.
  3. The next step is to add a transition which is the main point here. To do this, you can select the store icon in the Kinemaster which is the best free video editing software application. Then select the transition icon again on the left. Next, scroll until you find the “Acceleration” transition effect. But before this stage, make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet network.
  4. If you have found the transition acceleration option, then you can just download the effect as a transition that will be used. You don’t need to hesitate when you want to download the transition effect. Because the size of the transition effect for download is very small. Usually only 550 kb for the download size of the transition effects on this Kinemaster.
  5. After you have downloaded the transition, then you have to start using the transition for your video. In order to use the effect, just click on the transition / little box next to the video. Then scroll and look for the acceleration transition effect.
  6. If you have selected a transition, there will be 6 types of transitions. For this stage, you are free to choose the type of transition according to your needs. All types of transitions are cool and you can try them for interesting video results. But one that is often used is the Acceleration effect.
  7. After selecting the transition type, you can set the length of time the transition effect moves. Let’s say we choose a duration of 0.5 for the transition. There’s a preview box visible in the app so we can see right away what the transition will look like. If you feel that the transition is perfect, you can click the tick on the top right when use best free video editing software.