The Best Singaporean Culinary You Must Try

Singapore is a small country with high diversity. Not only the culture, but the foods also vary because of the diversity of several types of race. Originally, Singaporean are mixing between Chinese, Arabian, and Malay cultures living together in that place. Therefore, no wonder that they have various types of foods from each race.

Singapore has multi races are such as China town, Arabian town, and Malay Town that you may visit in a day. The area is mostly dominated by each race, that is why you also can find each type of food which different one to others.

The Best Halal Singaporean Culinary

For Muslim travelers, there are dozens of culinary foods you can try in Singapore. Halal foods are usually Arabian foods or Malay foods. It does not contain any ingredients which are not allowed for Muslims such as alcohol, ham, or pork. The stall is also clearly mentioned Halal food to avoid confusion to customers.

  • Laksa

Laksa is the original food you can find in Singapore. Basically, it is noodle with coconut cream soup and has a rich flavor. It uses a different kind of tropical spices and topping. The handmade noodle is cooked and put in a bowl. Then the soup is poured into the bowl with other ingredients such as fish ball, shrimp, octopus, and chicken. This is one of the most popular foods with Moslem Friendly.

  • Ice Kachang

Ice kachang is one of the halal street foods you can find easily in Singapore. The big size of the ice block is shaved like snow and add some syrup with 3 flavors. There are several toppings on it such as red bean, corn, jelly, and sugar palm fruit. This street food is good on a hot sunny day. In South Korea, this food is known as Pat Bingsu with similar ingredients.

The Best Non-Halal Singaporean Culinary

Singapore also offers western culinary for non-Muslim travelers. Usually, they use nonhalal ingredients such as alcohol and Haram oil for the foods,

  • Chili Crab

For all spicy lovers, Chili Crab is highly recommended for you. Usually, they use soft shell crab so you can eat the whole crab once. They use chili, tomato, egg, and other spices to make this food interesting not only by taste and also by visual. Chili crab is great when you eat with a warm bun.

  • Rojak Singapura

Rojak is a mixing between fruit and cooked vegetable salad served with nut sauce. It is served fresh and suitable on a hot sunny day. The most used fruit for this dish is Starfruit, Pineapple, and water apple. While, for the vegetables, they use cooked cabbage, Kangkung, Cucumber, and Bean sprout.

  • Roti Prata

Originally from India, Roti prata is quite familiar with Canai. The texture is soft but crispy with a combination of several fillings. It is usually served with a different kind of curry soup such as beef curry, lamb curry, and pork curry.