The Most Visited Places in Singapore

Have you prepared your New Year celebration this week? Where will you celebrate it? Most people usually prepare a special activity to celebrate New Year’s eve with their partner or even family. This annual activity is dominated by firework parties in some of the popular places, music performances, and BBQ parties with a lot of people. Singapore becomes one of the most visited countries to celebrate the New Year.

Singapore is located in the Malaya peninsula and is only 728 km2 wide. It is almost as wide as Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia. Therefore, it is easy to visit the whole country only in one day. The transportation is good so you will not find difficulties to visit the popular places there. Especially for the New Year celebration, there are some places that you must visit to spend your new year’s eve with the people you love the most.

The Most Visited Places In Singapore For Couple

If you plan to spend your new year’s eve with your partner as a couple, the below places are highly recommended for you. Mostly, these places offer a romantic situation for couples.

  1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay is officially opened in 2010 and becomes the most popular places in Singapore. It is a combination of the entertainment center and resorts for all tourists around the world. There is 3 iconic building with a big ship on the top. Mostly they take a picture with the building as the background. The location is so romantic for couples to spend new year’s eve there.

  1. Helix Bridge

The location is quite near to Marina Bay Sands so you can reach the place only by walk. The view is the best at night because the whole lamp will turn on and shows the framework of DNA. Therefore, it is recommended if you visit this place on new year’s eve rather than on the day.

  1. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is an island separated from the main Singapore island so you need to cross with public transportation such as the bus or monorail Sentosa express, or cable car. If you choose the cable car, you can see the beautiful view of Singapore from the above. Sentosa Island offers some beautiful places such as beaches, restaurants, and shopping malls.

The Most Visited Places In Singapore For Family

If you want to spend the new year with family, these places are really recommended especially for kids. They can enjoy the view and learn from the places as well.

  • Merlion Park

As the icon of Singapore, Merlion Park is the most popular place in Singapore. The merlion itself has a long history for the country name. Merlion itself is an abbreviation of mermaid and lion.

  • Universal Studios

This place is very suitable if you want to spend time with your child. We can say that this place is all children’s dream, especially for Disney lovers. It has so many Disney characters that children see on TV or in movies. Make sure that you book the ticket first because they limit the visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.