Adding Smooth Transition Effects With Kinemaster Pro

Many video effects are popularly used, one of which is the Transition effect. This best free video editing software effect occurs when two videos meet overlapping. Transitions can only be created in a specific area, an area where two videos overlap. Meanwhile, transition effects cannot be used if there is only one part of the video. One popular transition effect is the smooth transition that videographers often use.

How to Add Transitions To Videos

The following info will explain how or steps to create a transition effect in your video. While the video application used is Kinemaster pro.

  1. The first step, you can open Kinemaster Pro. Choose the movie icon or the + button in the middle. Then you can choose the 16: 9 aspect ratio for your video. If you already have an old video project, then you can also try using that video project.
  2. If you don’t have a video project yet, you can import the video footage to which you want to add a transition effect. You can click on media and then select which video import you will edit with the Kinemaster application. If your video is long and you want to import it into the application, you can also trim your video first. Edit your video footage with filmography needs.
  3. The next step is to add a transition which is the main point here. To do this, you can select the store icon in the Kinemaster which is the best free video editing software application. Then select the transition icon again on the left. Next, scroll until you find the “Acceleration” transition effect. But before this stage, make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet network.
  4. If you have found the transition acceleration option, then you can just download the effect as a transition that will be used. You don’t need to hesitate when you want to download the transition effect. Because the size of the transition effect for download is very small. Usually only 550 kb for the download size of the transition effects on this Kinemaster.
  5. After you have downloaded the transition, then you have to start using the transition for your video. In order to use the effect, just click on the transition / little box next to the video. Then scroll and look for the acceleration transition effect.
  6. If you have selected a transition, there will be 6 types of transitions. For this stage, you are free to choose the type of transition according to your needs. All types of transitions are cool and you can try them for interesting video results. But one that is often used is the Acceleration effect.
  7. After selecting the transition type, you can set the length of time the transition effect moves. Let’s say we choose a duration of 0.5 for the transition. There’s a preview box visible in the app so we can see right away what the transition will look like. If you feel that the transition is perfect, you can click the tick on the top right when use best free video editing software.

Easy Steps to Make the Perfect Business Plan

For those of you who want to start a business, make sure you create a business plan with Business template. In setting up a business, you have to prepare a business plan which is sometimes not easy to make. To create a successful business, planning is needed so that the business can run well in the future. The main thing that should not be forgotten is making a business plan.

Definition Of a Business Plan And Its Components

A business plan is a written plan about the background and goals of a business. The business plan includes explaining how the business achieves its goals. To make it even easier, there are components in the business plan. For example, the components of a business plan from the aspect of your business definition and the reasons for establishing the business.

Business plan also includes market research, an explanation of the business structure, and an explanation of the products being offered. Of course, there are a variety of other business plan components, such as marketing strategies, business capital explanations and financial projections. Some of these things need to be in the business plan, including the plan for licensing about business legality.

Several Steps To Compile a Business Plan

There are several kinds of easy steps in compiling or creating a business plan.


Business people need to do detailed research and according to updated market tastes. Better to do an analysis of the products that are made or distributed. Then do some research about what the competitors have done.

Business Purpose

In a business plan, it is necessary to explain what are the main goals of your business. Then also write down in the business plan what results are to be achieved. If the business plan has clear objectives, the business can be more focused and make decisions easier.

Company Profile

When making a business plan, it is important to include a company profile in Business template. This component becomes the main page when you want to introduce your business. Try to create a clear and detailed company profile. That way, when your business presentation will be made, potential investors can see directly the prospects and strengths of your business as completely as possible.

Financial Transaction Information

Business plans are a means of obtaining funding from investors. Business people must include information on business financial flows. So the thing that needs to be done is that you can record all kinds of financial transactions. Apart from transactions with small amounts, don’t forget to pin large value transactions too. Because everything is related to your business and must be in the business plan. You can use simple financial data to be able to record every business transaction that occurs.

Marketing Strategy

Business people must also have a marketing strategy. This is very useful for your own business so that you can introduce products even better. Start by trying to make a timeline of the most appropriate time to do product introduction promos to consumers. So that marketing activities can be more organized. By making this business plan strategy with Business template, it can be safer for the future.

Tips For Making a Successful Software Business

Software nowadays is often needed, one of its uses can support the work processes of a company. This need is a good opportunity to set up a business in software technology services and software upsell review. This facility is more commercial and is used by large companies and even government agencies. The value of software prices can be very high. The price of the software depends on the complexity and extent of the software. So that the software business becomes a promising business. Here are some tips for the software business.

Know What Types Of Software For A Company

The types of software that companies generally need include financial software, accounting software, software for buying and selling of goods or services. Then there is also software about inventory recording, inventory control, and other software.

Knowing the knowledge about technology in the information field

You must be able to find out about information technology in terms of software and hardware. With this knowledge, the better the results. Make sure you know a variety of computer programs. This knowledge needs to be updated at any time because in terms of the development of this knowledge it is very fast. So that the software business certainly must be able to catch up with these developments. If you can’t keep up with developments, this business can lose out in competition with other companies.

Make Sure You Have Complete And Quality Facilities

If you want to do business in the software sector, of course, the software upsell review and device you use must be the best. It’s different from doing a software business by just playing games or doing college assignments. The equipment that a software businessman needs, of course, must be high-quality devices and equipment. For example, you need a laptop with tough specifications and a complete range of applications installed that can support this business need. In this aspect, business capital will be spent to make your software business more resilient.

Determine The Target Market Precisely

The target market is very important to determine for software business people. Of course, every business must know what their market is like. But do not rush to work in the business requirements of government software or large companies. As a starting software business, you are better off offering personal services. So this software business is not directly to large companies or to government agencies. By offering a more personalized business software, of course with this software service at a more affordable price. Then if you often handle personal coverage, then offer it to the company.

Looking For Information About Standard Software Prices

Don’t forget to look for information about standard software prices related to your software business. This is important so that we can determine the price range for the software that you make more precise, not too low and not too high. This must be done by software businesses so that the price of the software is set according to the software market. Those are some tips for those of you who want to do a software business with software upsell review.

The Benefit of Grouping Your Worksheets

Recently, we are forced to work and act faster in every aspect of our life. To do some activities in brief, we are aware that it’s necessary in the name of efficiency. In children’s education, we can find that worksheet is familiar to provide as parents intend to teach basic knowledge through the application; i.e. reading exercise.

Apparently, grouping 1st grade reading worksheets helps parents to vary the preparation of reading exercise. It also helps parents to choose the type of reading for children, to store and make them accessible if they are grouped well. There are many kinds of worksheet to provide to sharpen first grade reading competency.

Various Types of Subjects for First Grade Reading Competency

These are various types of subjects that can be implemented in first grade reading worksheet

  • Pictures in worksheet

First Grade is the time to start sharpening children’s reading competency. It can be realized through worksheet which contains story in picture. These pictures tell more words for children rather than text. Parents may attach pictures in worksheet and let the children start the learning from that.

  • Folklore in worksheet

Folklore can be another material to put in worksheet. Every place has their unique folklore to tell. Therefore, children are familiar to this story as their parents or grandparents read them out loud. Now, it is time to recall children’s memory of the story and put them in worksheet.

  • Fairy tales in worksheet

Fairy tales is attractive to put in 1st grade reading worksheets. They are unique story which are almost similar with folklore. However, Fairy tales tell magical events that involve magical creatures, places and other imaginative description. Usually, children are attracted to this kind of story as they are developing their own imagination to describe many unknown subjects. The worksheet helps parents to manifest the subject better and compare them with existing imagination of children. It will be a process for children to manifest more subjects that haven’t been seen before.

  • Informative subjects in worksheet

Another material to put in worksheet is not always fiction-based reading. Informative subjects can be different point to attract children’s interest. This material tells children about valuable information in some fun ways. Daily natural subjects can still be fun for children to read. Moreover, the subject defines animals, fruits, colors, vehicles, sports and many others. Children will achieve double benefit to have the materials in worksheet. They can learn about things as information and improve reading competency through the worksheet.

Despite of those four types of materials, there are many other subjects to be introduced to children. However, parents can start preparing 1st grade reading worksheets gradually. The subject can be delivered one by one or started with two subjects. Then, parents continue the process by providing another two subjects. Meanwhile, these worksheets will need to be grouped in practice. Parents should separate the worksheet based on type of subjects. The separation of worksheet will help parents to continuously provide more titles for reading materials. Afterward, the grouped worksheet can be used for other children to start sharpening their reading competency.

Secrets to Get Your Best Cover Letters

In this pandemic, many jobseekers are waiting to get jobs. The new employee recruitment is rather difficult when pandemic hits every aspect in life. To be upper hand amongst candidates, having recommendation letter template and writing best cover letter help you to increase the chance of getting noticed when you apply certain job vacancy. For some jobseekers, it’s new that the secret is placed not in common item such as CV (Curriculum Vitae) or supporting certificate. It is recommendation letter that make your application considered. Moreover, the use of this letter shall be beneficial for you to be considered more. In fact, the template can be freely designed to write the recommendation letter.

There Are 3 Ways on Having Recommendation Letter to Complete Job Application

  1. Fresh Graduate

If you are fresh graduate with no working experience, having recommendation letter can help you to ensure the desired company to know you better in someone else’s thought. Asking for the letter can be done from your teacher or lecturer who knows you and your potential strength to fill the required position. Having achievement, internship or working practice will be a plus to be attached.

  1. An associate or a friend

The recommendation letter can be asked from your associate or friend. Even if you are fresh graduate, you can also ask for the letter from you closest friend, your business partner or colleague. However, you need to think that you deserve the letter since you are as good as what the letter implies.  For example, in college, you took part time job as private teacher. The student or parents of student can help you to get the letter. You only need to provide recommendation letter template for them.

  1. Employer

Having working experience becomes advantages for not only the knowledge we know but also the connection we have. This connection shall bring many opportunities to work and achieve more in your career. To get a recommendation letter from your employer, you need to perform best effort in managing your own job in that company. This shall make the request of recommendation letter easier. Your manager or colleague shall acknowledge you and put the strength you have in recommendation letter template you have provided.

Besides that, cover letter needs to be written at your best since it is first impression that matters. These tips can make your cover letter look interesting before your desired company

Tips on Writing Your Simple and Best Cover Letter Are Defined as Follow

  • Use right template of cover letter will help you avoiding miss-looked from the habit of using general template.
  • Use the simple word and show your related strength in short
  • Show your point briefly, why are you interested in the position
  • Tell the hiring company, what will you give as contribution if you join the them
  • Describe briefly your past accomplishments related with job requirements

In other word, writing best cover letter and preparing recommendation letter template are necessary to support your opportunity to get hired faster.

Why Air Cooler Is Needed For Next Summer

Currently, the world weather condition is getting worst day by day. The summer will be hotter than before as a result of global warming. Not only human, raw ingredients will get rotten easily because of the temperature. Hence, you need to search walk in cooler installation company to avoid that bad situation. Especially if you run a restaurant, keeping the ingredients in the walk-in cooler is a must to make raw foods to stay fresh and not get rotten easily.

Some people may think that the air cooler is the same as the air conditioner. Those both home utilities are used to lower the room temperature so people will not be sweaty during the hot summer seasons.

The Differences Between Air Cooler And Air Conditioner

Air cooler or well is known as Evaporative Air Cooler (EAC) is quite different from Air Conditioner from its design, performance, and performance. Below are the differences between them:

  • Lowest Temperature

Air Cooler can produce low room temperature up to 5 Celsius, while Air Conditioner can only lower the temperature up to 17 Celsius.

  • Design

Air cooler is designed as a moving object or portable so we can move it from one room to another room. We only need to plug the cable into the socket then it will work to cool the room. On the other hand, Air Conditioning must be installed on the wall or ceiling. So, you cannot move it to another room. You have to install it in almost all the room.

  • Performance

Air Conditioner will lower the humidity of the room so your skin will be dry if you are in the room with AC for a long time. While Air Cooler will increase the air humidity so it is good for your skin conditions.

The Reasons Why You Need Air Cooler Next Summer

Before you regret next summer, it is better if you prepare the summer with an air cooler and contact a walk in cooler installation company for your sake. Air cooler will help you to:

  1. Stay comfortable even in the hot summer seasons all day. The lower temperature produced by the air cooler is much cooler than the air conditioner. Therefore, you can feel the coolness in every corner of the room. Even your whole family will not feel hot once you turn on this tool in the center of the room.
  2. Save your monthly expense. If you have installed an air conditioner in your home, it is better to change it with the air cooler. Even though it produces a lower temperature up to 5 Celsius, it only will take 250 watts of your home electricity. Compared to the Air conditioner, the minimum it will take 1000 watts of your electricity.
  3. During summer, vegetables and raw ingredients need a walk in cooler installation company to keep fresh, while people also need an air cooler in the house to feel the same. Once you installed the air cooler, you will always feel fresh 24 hours in 7 weeks.

Great Ideas For Marketing Your Online Business

In online business, like Tile business that has been implemented by many people, there is such a thing as content, which can affect social media users. From Bali tiles online business content, it will be able to affect revenue and sales. Online businessmen want their content to be known by many people. In the aspect of marketing, a strategy for disseminating messages about products is important. This is of course an important thing to be able to communicate information on a product and service to the public widely.

Important Tips For Presenting The Best Online Business Marketing Content

In fact, creating positive online business content is not an easy thing. Online business product content will be known to many people if it has elements that can influence readers to review and share. Here are several ways to create a strategy for marketing that is right for your online business.

Don’t Forget To Add Image / Photo Media

So, an image is an attraction in the content of an online store or business. So, don’t forget to include interesting image media elements and also make sure it’s colored. Think about it, you would be bored if you were reading business content that only contained writing. Then the same thing is felt by readers if online business content is presented only in writing. Image content will also be very influential if the media strategy for marketing is done via social media. For example, online business marketing can rely on Instagram and Facebook. In including images, you should not just include them carelessly.

The Bali tiles image that will be included in the online business marketing media is the actual product image. So, it’s not a fake image. Then don’t forget to include images with high-quality levels so that the results are pleasing to the eye. If online business marketing is done through websites/blogs and the like, include an image every 300 words. Image size is better not too small or too large. Just a medium-sized image can be more interesting.

Start Online Business Content With Clear

There is something that must be understood about creating content for online business, namely the opening sentence. This sentence should be short, clear, and concise. This is an initial opportunity to attract every reader’s interest. The trick is not to make ‘long-winded’ content, but not also in short content. So, give special attention to readers who as potential customers will be interested in reading until the end. You can make the best paragraphs by describing a variety of interesting facts about the content you want to post.

It could also be with sentences that can provoke a sense of interest and curiosity from readers. The problem that many online business people experience is also around the target market. In addition, online businesses can also add interrogative phrases. This is because based on research, interrogative sentences can affect interest in reading psychologically. There are many more tips for marketing Bali tiles products online more precisely.

The Best Singaporean Culinary You Must Try

Singapore is a small country with high diversity. Not only the culture, but the foods also vary because of the diversity of several types of race. Originally, Singaporean are mixing between Chinese, Arabian, and Malay cultures living together in that place. Therefore, no wonder that they have various types of foods from each race.

Singapore has multi races are such as China town, Arabian town, and Malay Town that you may visit in a day. The area is mostly dominated by each race, that is why you also can find each type of food which different one to others.

The Best Halal Singaporean Culinary

For Muslim travelers, there are dozens of culinary foods you can try in Singapore. Halal foods are usually Arabian foods or Malay foods. It does not contain any ingredients which are not allowed for Muslims such as alcohol, ham, or pork. The stall is also clearly mentioned Halal food to avoid confusion to customers.

  • Laksa

Laksa is the original food you can find in Singapore. Basically, it is noodle with coconut cream soup and has a rich flavor. It uses a different kind of tropical spices and topping. The handmade noodle is cooked and put in a bowl. Then the soup is poured into the bowl with other ingredients such as fish ball, shrimp, octopus, and chicken. This is one of the most popular foods with Moslem Friendly.

  • Ice Kachang

Ice kachang is one of the halal street foods you can find easily in Singapore. The big size of the ice block is shaved like snow and add some syrup with 3 flavors. There are several toppings on it such as red bean, corn, jelly, and sugar palm fruit. This street food is good on a hot sunny day. In South Korea, this food is known as Pat Bingsu with similar ingredients.

The Best Non-Halal Singaporean Culinary

Singapore also offers western culinary for non-Muslim travelers. Usually, they use nonhalal ingredients such as alcohol and Haram oil for the foods,

  • Chili Crab

For all spicy lovers, Chili Crab is highly recommended for you. Usually, they use soft shell crab so you can eat the whole crab once. They use chili, tomato, egg, and other spices to make this food interesting not only by taste and also by visual. Chili crab is great when you eat with a warm bun.

  • Rojak Singapura

Rojak is a mixing between fruit and cooked vegetable salad served with nut sauce. It is served fresh and suitable on a hot sunny day. The most used fruit for this dish is Starfruit, Pineapple, and water apple. While, for the vegetables, they use cooked cabbage, Kangkung, Cucumber, and Bean sprout.

  • Roti Prata

Originally from India, Roti prata is quite familiar with Canai. The texture is soft but crispy with a combination of several fillings. It is usually served with a different kind of curry soup such as beef curry, lamb curry, and pork curry.

The Top Places in Thailand You Must Visit

If you are a real traveler, Thailand must be one of the destination countries that you must visit. Located in South East Asia surrounded by 3 great countries, Thailand offers different vibes for foreign visitors. Especially for travelers outside the Asian country, they will find something new in this country. It also has many top places which are quite popular around the world. Some great and popular movies are also taken in this country.

5 Reasons Why You Must Travel Thailand

If you are still confused to decide the places you will spend during the New Year holiday, Thailand becomes the best choice.

  • Less Expensive

Thailand is still a developing country with a low price of their primary needs. Compared to other countries in Asia such as Japan and South Korea, Thailand is the less expensive among those three options. The price of its public transportation, food, and accommodation will not spend the whole of your savings. Thailand is almost as cheap as other countries such as Indonesia or the Philippines. Moreover, there are many airlines which offer cheap flights from and to all countries in the southeast Asian country.

  • Backpacker Friendly

For all backpackers with their entire limited budget, Thailand is a great place you must choose. There are a thousand cheap hotels and accommodations, especially for a backpacker. Public transportation is also available at a cheap price and can take you all around Thailand.

  • Various Destinations

Thailand has various destinations that are close to each other. For example, if you have 1 day only to explore Bangkok, your 24 hours will never be enough for you. The destinations also vary from Historic Places, Natural Tourism, Resort, Beach, and also Supermall.

  • Culinary Options

Thailand culinary option will never be disappointed. Mostly, it serves its natural ingredients originally from Thailand. Thailand Durian becomes one of the foods you must try when you visit there. It may smell stingy but you will taste different impressions for your tongue palate. Besides durian, you may try mango sticky rice, thai tea, and duck rice.

  • Night View

Bangkok is never a dead city because it is open 24 hours x 7 days. That is the reason why they never die. Mostly, you can find 24 hours bar, café, the restaurant in Bangkok city.

The Top Places You Must Visit In Thailand

After knowing the reason, you must visit Thailand, now you must know several top places you need to explore.

  1. The Grand Palace

The grand palace is the place where the king of Thailand lives with his family. The area is 218 km² wide so you can explore the whole area in a day. The entry fee is around 500 Baht or $16 and opens every day from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Since it is a cultural place and highly respected by Thai, visitors are not allowed to wear shorts when they enter the area. Therefore, they will offer a long fabric to cover your feet.

  1. Emerald Budha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew)

Located near the Grand Palace, you will find many kinds of Budha Statue. Before entering the building, you must take off your footwear to keep the place clean, and also maintain politeness to Budha and spirits. In this place, you will find a golden huge Budha statue lying on the floor.

  1. Chatuchak Market

It is a great place to do the shopping and buy souvenirs for your hometown. The market only opens on weekends from 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. so you must consider the day you visit this place. It sells various kinds of primary needs such as street food, cloth wear, and souvenirs. The price is cheap and you still can bargain with the seller.

The market is really crowded in the evening so it is better to come early on Saturday or Sunday. Also, it is hard to find a parking area in this place so it is better to use public transportation.

  1. Phuket

Phuket is the icon of Thailand which is popular all around the world. It is the best place for beach lovers. You can find a beautiful beach with sunset and sunrise in this place. The beach also has white sand and calm wave so you can swim safely.

Finding the Best Cross-Fit Backpack for Your Need

Are you backpack or sling bag lovers? Both types of bags are popular for a long time ago. The model and type are also changing as time goes by. Nowadays, the use of a backpack and sling bag is not only to help you to carry your things everywhere but also for fashion completer. Especially for women, bag takes a big effect on your look.

The cross-Fit backpack is a favorite among all types of the bag especially for people who need a strong and big capacity bag. The size is mostly bigger than other backpacks and can carry your heavy this including PC (personal computer), exercise or sports equipment, books, or clothes. On the other hand, a sling bag is usually smaller and only can carry smaller things such as a wallet, smartphone, charger, and power bank.

Why Cross-Fit Back Is Better Than The Other?

The cross-fit backpack is designed for strong and large capacity. It is suitable to carry your exercise equipment and a laptop as well. The design also adjusts your daily need. If you are going to use it to carry sports equipment, you can find the larger capacity so you can take your shoes and ball everywhere.

The cross-fit backpack is highly recommended if you carry heavy things on your shoulder. You will not feel pain in one of your shoulders because of the load you put inside the bag. Compared to the sling bag, it will put the load only on one of your shoulders, so, it will feel heavier and more uncomfortable.

However, if you need this backpack for school, you can find the bag with a laptop slot. It helps the laptop to keep in its position no matter how you move your body and activity. The slot is also good to avoid a crash with other equipment that you keep inside the bag.

How To Choose The Best Cross-Fit Backpack?

If you intend to buy a new cross-fit backpack, you have to consider some points below:

  • The usage

If you intend to use the bag to carry sports equipment, then you have to choose a bag with a large capacity. The bag will help you to load all the sports things that you may need during exercise.

On the other hand, if you are going to use it to carry your school tools, it is better to find cross-fit with many slots or pockets. The slot or pocket will differentiate each thing you may need during school. So, you will not find difficulties in finding the book or tools you need at school.

  • The material

You need to find a strong and high-quality material for a cross-fit backpack so it will be long lasting. Especially if you will carry the heavy equipment, it is better to find the best material for its purpose. Denim or canvas can be a good choice for this.

  • The Design

Since the usage of the backpack is to carry things, it would be great if you find the simplest design. The simple design also will help you to take care of it. It is because you do not need to clean every pocket of the bag. Also, the dark color of the backpack will not catch the stain and dirt easily.

What Is The Best Cross-Fit Backpack?

Nowadays, many local products offer a cross-fit backpack for your need. The price is lower than other global products that have been popular among artists around the world. Mostly, cross-fit backpacks are produced by sports brand as follows:

  • Nike

Nike is a popular brand from the United States that is popular for its sports equipment. It is also the main sponsor for some international sports. Not only running shoes, football shoes, Nike also produces good quality cross-fit backpacks for all sports purposes.

  • Reebok

Following Nike, Reebok is another global sports brand that is popular around the world. This US brand has more than 50 types of sports equipment including a cross-fit backpack. As a global brand, you do not need to worry about the quality of this product.

  • Under Armor

This brand always put comfort as the goal of their product. No wonder, their backpack is always comfortable even when you carry heavy things in your bag.