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released by Sub Pop in 2012

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waste a lot of things drive into the bugs sunset with slight regret wouldn't you want me less if i never left and tell me what you know so far about love being hard come to find my arms are iron bars and i'm yours and you're mine and as long as that's true we'll be fine but i'm good and you're bad is both our argument and that is sad yes it's very sad how you gonna tell me where i lost my mind as if i could turn and find it dry there's still time for me to say i've made a big mistake and i'll pay but when i cave you mine there's not many precious things inside to find i waste a lot of things

everyone's a bitch everyone's a bitch tonight i must admit that i've been feeling like i want to die it'd be alright i know you know failures happen everyday but i don't need an army of your modern love what if eyes stray just on one side then she calls me vanilla sex life didn't know she wanted rocky road everyone's a bitch tonight i got my fists clenched at my sides to show i wanna fight i'd do alright what if i say everyone's a horrid sight take a swing put out my lights it'd feel alright we could be the best as parted look at this train of thought you've started holy smokes i really lost my way everyone's a bitch tonight i got a sinking heart my head feels light and blood ignites what if i go toe to toe with friends of foes or maybe i'll just twist this day's neck until it dies

perfect ten lines have been drawn in the sand dig here till you have the perfect moat and the fortress will be built and we'll live there safely till we die i hope we're not lying or full of shit i really need a break from feeling out of tune washed out and out of sync with you i never was a perfect ten but ten years here as your best friend and i'm wondering during your free time if i can be your one love again stranded the tide came and went the fortress wasn't worth the fifty cent on the pale that we spent walk off and no survivors left we happened right on time felt too late but never mind then i took up all of your time and it was posed as a crime tell me i'm light hold you back down tell me i'm right give me the word and say  good by i'll take myself off the line

horrible things (make pretty songs) no one to take care of no one to take care of me so i'm angry at you and i'm angry at me it happened so fast devastating crash i wanted to settle down you wanted to be free now you're given away and i'm discreetly fading without objection don't want you to see we built something great and now you gave me my piece turned over some leaves and on life a new lease chose someone else so fast it's beyond belief no one to take care of no one to take care of me

i'm home i was shrouded in a fog and the crowd was chanting fraud and i took my bow there's no self made men here i am again listening to the least of minds and they're taking mostly time and they drag me down i have clown hands now bow tie spins around there's a vampire in my head singing i'll sleep when i'm dead tucks tongue tween his teeth plays an air guitar sets a whole new bar climbed a mountain of distress worried text across my chest had no visions of what a doer does but he does not rest there's a fight to be the best but it never leaves my chest and then i get up and stoned and i'm home i was taken by surprise to a party thrown by light his dark corner friends count recount the trends till the evening ends well don't take me away in a jacket so straight i thought going crazy would be much more fun

house with haunting there's a haunting in my home my girl's in love with ghost she says to me he listens oh so close and there's a haunting in my head it nightly covers me in dread and soaks the bed as the feeling grows that i can't blame anybody but myself for getting old eyes are red mind is dead days in bed and i have been lost not hearing what i'm told they're my best friends there's a haunting in my home they throw a party every night i serve the drinks they say i've got the life they're my best friends coping mechanisms blending day and night and ice cream drinks no one blinks when i say that i like to watch my figments fight

madness i've got a madness album i can't stand that's playing till torture's torn and then you rush in and pull my pin and hug me to the floor it's a no good gracious act you've pulled i'm a long standing dud there's a hell hole in this house somewhere i hope we don't fall through and then you rush in frantic again there's a light burned out in the bedroom that's where cold things move and darkness spoons the plumes of panic

million times lonely head it hurts tonight fills my face without delight i'm gonna pace until i die don't know how to feel alright i waited for you all night you didn't come feels like i'm gonna give up again feels like i'm my only friend it pulls me out from the outside in to tell me i'm not the only one i've seen you smile a million times lonely head still hurts tonight face my fears throughout the night i'm gonna play until i die drowned in sound no wonder why i wanted you to hold me up but that made hard an easy love there's tricks to know that i didn't know my love was gone before i let her go i've seen you smile a million times

ten teardrops coming out quietly from the spare room where i'd hidden and slept on the short love seat half erect not knowing where to hide next or to expect from this day when you awake the calm one is not always the reasoned one or so you've said a thousand times but now your eyes are puffy pink you're indian style against the chain link fence in the spring sun so we can talk without holding rocks ten teardrops won't make me fall to my knees but that stare might make me freeze bargain bin solution to our problem is walk away and come back great i know i can smoke till i don't care i know you can drink yourself unaware and we start fresh with a kiss that might miss cause we're blitzed it just did ten teardrops because we can't get our shit straight i'm in no rush to end the wait at least until now you know i never thought i fight for love this hard but you got  your foot in so many hearts' doors at least until now you know i never thought that i'd become a bore but then you gave up and i know i need you for sure i wish you needed me more every word that i think goes straight from my mouth to your heart

while you reload gave myself a good grade on barely losing my shit my heart was pounding the drums and the claves were my lips then you played a riff so echoed i almost lost my grip cause we've been tied down to the tracks again and we're still holding hands it's revealing knotted feelings cotton mouth it's dusty out and between my teeth it's ground it's no shows in the big roles we're in the center of this town waiting for an outcome is an evergrowing crowd cause we've been stood up back to back again ten paces to know i will shoot high while you reload said goodbye with all ii had picked up what was left you don't need protecting and i'm a bad dog nonetheless would have let you clip my nails if you only asked

stone froze mascot got dark so fast i hadn't realized our pace had gotten so slow you said our house is not a home and now my gates a locked leg more cigarette i'd like to spin out of this head dizzy night swims with jeff and dennis keep me hidden like a stone froze mascot bite my leg and squeeze my neck you know i love you baby telling me everything i do is shit i know you're gonna love me till you quit near empty room turntable spinning without was silent pinball winds its way around the ramps and i'm a stone froze mascot i've never been to either pole i've heard it's so cold your legs won't move until you know exactly where you're going i know you're going to love me till you quit