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that's how we burn


released on Sub Pop in 2010

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the stroller there's cracks in the structure i swear baby get out tire tracks in the basement two one you might fall you didn't try cashing in that's not my fault where are the beggars when i need to look good i sure don't mind my life as a stroller and i wouldn't put my life in the hands of a stranger when you panic do you count to ten when your're surrounded to you hold your breath

everyone's hip our shirt pockets filled with gold and buttoned down we hit the road when the nuance all been spoiled it's hard to get on the highway home and all the city streets are straight and blurred at night and that's ok empty handed and abandoned it felt so sudden when the trap had bent sure enough that when it happened our hearts had flooded and we felt enchanted pity bitter rapid pace rapidly changed to fit our tastes every effort endlessly expecting to have been in vein now we swim straight down on the bottom lies our crown eyes closed feeling all around and of all the ways to slip when we fall we break our hip made the coolest record skip but i've never heard of itsi no soy un sireno con la corona de plastico tengo mas de machismo con regalos en mi corazonnadamos sobre del mar puedo cantar queiren salir  tocaria la guitarra hago el mundo terminar now we swim straight down on the bottom liies our crown eyes closed feeling all around and of all the ways to slip when we fall we break our ip made the coolest record skip but i've never heard of it and now long how long can we thank all our friends for empty praise i know everyon'e equipped with a heart that stacks like blocks and a mind that strains to mock i know everyone is hip

on the beat three am weeknight shot up in bed stood over the kitchen counter and began banging my head and i finally felt i'm on the beat come taste my take it leave it lifestyle it's not bested me i saw that you'd made our likeness in sand if you don't like this life well then i guess i understand that the waves are change and they're on the beat they crash into this no moat likeness and your surfboard's sleek changes they come oh so very fast and the obstacle in love don't you ever relax whole week in bed i couldn't move my legs and you kept me real well fed yeah woke me up when i looked dead and i'm rearranged you're on the beat i like the steady warmth you conjure it helps me sleep changes they come oh so very fast but the rate that we adapt as of yet unsurpassed

thank us later look what you've done now baby you have sunk me once again how can i now pretend how to swim when it's all or nothing expected to defend everything i've ever ever done why are you telling me lies tonight look at the new mess we made an awful trade our likes for all our dislikes a little money and a new banging headache i see it in your temples and it's giving me the nervous shakes why are you telling me lies tonight you can thank me later is the only thing i ever told my friends cause when the waves debuted in the entry way and all we'd built a house of sand look how i'm all strung out and i barely touched the drugs grass that fit in my lungs had me hopeful till you held a hunger strike in the hall and made me crawl and the leaves fell welcomes us to fall why are you telling me lies tonight it's all been done right in front of me and is till ain't knowing how your world it grows like an enemy inside me's how i feel right now

summer mess i know you laugh when you wanna cry and it makes you look like a fool sometimes you cover your face and sounds give you away cheering you up is a wicked task puncture wounds in our makeshift raft bleed around the fins and humor's sinking in and the words won't hurt so bad when you've pulled me up i've been impatient i've been bait i've been feeling all too sure that you can't wait letting you down is a softened phrase got beat so bad swelled to fit the maze and with no moves left you're asking me what's next and i'm sure i ain't got a clue anybody got a light northern winter it's always night and a summer mess begins i'm always high

she's my baby as the night fell down on skinned knees at the park she said i'm so hurt and my insides they are too dark and my cold eyes make me circle like a shark she said i'm the night and i'm surely not a child she said i'm a dog and it is your stick that's got me riled and for the moment i am happy with my style cause she's my she's my baby my only steadfast drug i like the angry way that she pumps my blood she had prescriptions for a killer called it pain and i was tamer and combed the snarls out of her mane and for the moment we sedated our complaints

snake shakes turning off is easier said than done i can't sleep my jaw aches from not having any fun we're itching and bitching about the places we've been stung back hands and feet a whole back row of teeth i tripped on the hot sand and i fell out to the reef felt bad about contact cause it does the same to me yes i am running as fast as i can towards a stunning and imperfect  plan of being someone who bites heads off of snakes to take his foot off the brakes turning back each time we attack threw my arms up in disgust after tearing off my mask the mute keeps disappearing and he's teaming up with hacks yes i am running as fast as i can you start the drumming and i'll call the band we got just one shot before the mistress awakes from her deep slumber with snakes

demon please excuse the mess i've been away so long i couldn't go back and see the path you wore into the floor never did learn to lose this self control not gone and jealous ways brings fights for days it's mining on my nerves and each time that i get beside you you fight an evil leaning you're level headed and empty chested yeah you're dark not yet a demon turn me on off and loosely like before you'd known we couldn't go back and skip the traps the bottom's smooth as glass and i've never seen this side of you as you fight an evil leaning you're level headed and empty chested yeah you're dark not yet a demon

baby i baby i hope to make that change not be fucked in the head you can see my face twitch so i must not be dead baby i've never been displaced trading outbursts and aches and the naked truth i'm looking aged baby i'm going to take my time race these thoughts around my mind you can pull me out alive if the fire's left my eyes we put on aprons and play house nice but i've got you locked up in my basement life it's howl from the attic to say goodnight

how's the grave you kept my cool faked a handshake and dipped your shades i always laugh at your moves if you wanna stay high i think i might like to you wore my skin it kept you cold and i had to hold my heart in i saw you shivering if you wanna get high i think it's time to begin nobody's talkin at us we can hear the echoes from the grave we were excitable boys once but the cage of bones was never saved i watched you strip away the nails that we clawed with to get hip you were one hundred percent of my drive to stay wild all high and you're my lift i turn my table on and love you all day long

that's how we burn i've been stealing for years and i lie like a girl i've got this smile and it don't hurt my hands to make big plans and no one's tired but exclusive excuses halt advances in their tracks not a cloud to be seen and a drop on my head like arrogance makes me look straight up and brings out my chest a salty bitterness in my mouth in my thoughts is riding on a crest baby we're crashing it's white foam and lies and the bluest blue that is felt by you drops from the skies and that's how we burn with no turns to take no shade to be earned got to learn not to flake frail t's five for ten that i bought for my friends they fell apart and we can't rebuild if we don't share heart and no one's trying on pocket t's when the thread is unraveling baby we'll perish one day we will die and i can't begin to entertain the reasons why my stand up's a joke but it won't be from smoke till it plumes from my head got a feeling it won't