The Best Singaporean Culinary You Must Try

Singapore is a small country with high diversity. Not only the culture, but the foods also vary because of the diversity of several types of race. Originally, Singaporean are mixing between Chinese, Arabian, and Malay cultures living together in that place. Therefore, no wonder that they have various types of foods from each race.

Singapore has multi races are such as China town, Arabian town, and Malay Town that you may visit in a day. The area is mostly dominated by each race, that is why you also can find each type of food which different one to others.

The Best Halal Singaporean Culinary

For Muslim travelers, there are dozens of culinary foods you can try in Singapore. Halal foods are usually Arabian foods or Malay foods. It does not contain any ingredients which are not allowed for Muslims such as alcohol, ham, or pork. The stall is also clearly mentioned Halal food to avoid confusion to customers.

  • Laksa

Laksa is the original food you can find in Singapore. Basically, it is noodle with coconut cream soup and has a rich flavor. It uses a different kind of tropical spices and topping. The handmade noodle is cooked and put in a bowl. Then the soup is poured into the bowl with other ingredients such as fish ball, shrimp, octopus, and chicken. This is one of the most popular foods with Moslem Friendly.

  • Ice Kachang

Ice kachang is one of the halal street foods you can find easily in Singapore. The big size of the ice block is shaved like snow and add some syrup with 3 flavors. There are several toppings on it such as red bean, corn, jelly, and sugar palm fruit. This street food is good on a hot sunny day. In South Korea, this food is known as Pat Bingsu with similar ingredients.

The Best Non-Halal Singaporean Culinary

Singapore also offers western culinary for non-Muslim travelers. Usually, they use nonhalal ingredients such as alcohol and Haram oil for the foods,

  • Chili Crab

For all spicy lovers, Chili Crab is highly recommended for you. Usually, they use soft shell crab so you can eat the whole crab once. They use chili, tomato, egg, and other spices to make this food interesting not only by taste and also by visual. Chili crab is great when you eat with a warm bun.

  • Rojak Singapura

Rojak is a mixing between fruit and cooked vegetable salad served with nut sauce. It is served fresh and suitable on a hot sunny day. The most used fruit for this dish is Starfruit, Pineapple, and water apple. While, for the vegetables, they use cooked cabbage, Kangkung, Cucumber, and Bean sprout.

  • Roti Prata

Originally from India, Roti prata is quite familiar with Canai. The texture is soft but crispy with a combination of several fillings. It is usually served with a different kind of curry soup such as beef curry, lamb curry, and pork curry.

The Top Places in Thailand You Must Visit

If you are a real traveler, Thailand must be one of the destination countries that you must visit. Located in South East Asia surrounded by 3 great countries, Thailand offers different vibes for foreign visitors. Especially for travelers outside the Asian country, they will find something new in this country. It also has many top places which are quite popular around the world. Some great and popular movies are also taken in this country.

5 Reasons Why You Must Travel Thailand

If you are still confused to decide the places you will spend during the New Year holiday, Thailand becomes the best choice.

  • Less Expensive

Thailand is still a developing country with a low price of their primary needs. Compared to other countries in Asia such as Japan and South Korea, Thailand is the less expensive among those three options. The price of its public transportation, food, and accommodation will not spend the whole of your savings. Thailand is almost as cheap as other countries such as Indonesia or the Philippines. Moreover, there are many airlines which offer cheap flights from and to all countries in the southeast Asian country.

  • Backpacker Friendly

For all backpackers with their entire limited budget, Thailand is a great place you must choose. There are a thousand cheap hotels and accommodations, especially for a backpacker. Public transportation is also available at a cheap price and can take you all around Thailand.

  • Various Destinations

Thailand has various destinations that are close to each other. For example, if you have 1 day only to explore Bangkok, your 24 hours will never be enough for you. The destinations also vary from Historic Places, Natural Tourism, Resort, Beach, and also Supermall.

  • Culinary Options

Thailand culinary option will never be disappointed. Mostly, it serves its natural ingredients originally from Thailand. Thailand Durian becomes one of the foods you must try when you visit there. It may smell stingy but you will taste different impressions for your tongue palate. Besides durian, you may try mango sticky rice, thai tea, and duck rice.

  • Night View

Bangkok is never a dead city because it is open 24 hours x 7 days. That is the reason why they never die. Mostly, you can find 24 hours bar, café, the restaurant in Bangkok city.

The Top Places You Must Visit In Thailand

After knowing the reason, you must visit Thailand, now you must know several top places you need to explore.

  1. The Grand Palace

The grand palace is the place where the king of Thailand lives with his family. The area is 218 km² wide so you can explore the whole area in a day. The entry fee is around 500 Baht or $16 and opens every day from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Since it is a cultural place and highly respected by Thai, visitors are not allowed to wear shorts when they enter the area. Therefore, they will offer a long fabric to cover your feet.

  1. Emerald Budha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew)

Located near the Grand Palace, you will find many kinds of Budha Statue. Before entering the building, you must take off your footwear to keep the place clean, and also maintain politeness to Budha and spirits. In this place, you will find a golden huge Budha statue lying on the floor.

  1. Chatuchak Market

It is a great place to do the shopping and buy souvenirs for your hometown. The market only opens on weekends from 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. so you must consider the day you visit this place. It sells various kinds of primary needs such as street food, cloth wear, and souvenirs. The price is cheap and you still can bargain with the seller.

The market is really crowded in the evening so it is better to come early on Saturday or Sunday. Also, it is hard to find a parking area in this place so it is better to use public transportation.

  1. Phuket

Phuket is the icon of Thailand which is popular all around the world. It is the best place for beach lovers. You can find a beautiful beach with sunset and sunrise in this place. The beach also has white sand and calm wave so you can swim safely.

Finding the Best Cross-Fit Backpack for Your Need

Are you backpack or sling bag lovers? Both types of bags are popular for a long time ago. The model and type are also changing as time goes by. Nowadays, the use of a backpack and sling bag is not only to help you to carry your things everywhere but also for fashion completer. Especially for women, bag takes a big effect on your look.

The cross-Fit backpack is a favorite among all types of the bag especially for people who need a strong and big capacity bag. The size is mostly bigger than other backpacks and can carry your heavy this including PC (personal computer), exercise or sports equipment, books, or clothes. On the other hand, a sling bag is usually smaller and only can carry smaller things such as a wallet, smartphone, charger, and power bank.

Why Cross-Fit Back Is Better Than The Other?

The cross-fit backpack is designed for strong and large capacity. It is suitable to carry your exercise equipment and a laptop as well. The design also adjusts your daily need. If you are going to use it to carry sports equipment, you can find the larger capacity so you can take your shoes and ball everywhere.

The cross-fit backpack is highly recommended if you carry heavy things on your shoulder. You will not feel pain in one of your shoulders because of the load you put inside the bag. Compared to the sling bag, it will put the load only on one of your shoulders, so, it will feel heavier and more uncomfortable.

However, if you need this backpack for school, you can find the bag with a laptop slot. It helps the laptop to keep in its position no matter how you move your body and activity. The slot is also good to avoid a crash with other equipment that you keep inside the bag.

How To Choose The Best Cross-Fit Backpack?

If you intend to buy a new cross-fit backpack, you have to consider some points below:

  • The usage

If you intend to use the bag to carry sports equipment, then you have to choose a bag with a large capacity. The bag will help you to load all the sports things that you may need during exercise.

On the other hand, if you are going to use it to carry your school tools, it is better to find cross-fit with many slots or pockets. The slot or pocket will differentiate each thing you may need during school. So, you will not find difficulties in finding the book or tools you need at school.

  • The material

You need to find a strong and high-quality material for a cross-fit backpack so it will be long lasting. Especially if you will carry the heavy equipment, it is better to find the best material for its purpose. Denim or canvas can be a good choice for this.

  • The Design

Since the usage of the backpack is to carry things, it would be great if you find the simplest design. The simple design also will help you to take care of it. It is because you do not need to clean every pocket of the bag. Also, the dark color of the backpack will not catch the stain and dirt easily.

What Is The Best Cross-Fit Backpack?

Nowadays, many local products offer a cross-fit backpack for your need. The price is lower than other global products that have been popular among artists around the world. Mostly, cross-fit backpacks are produced by sports brand as follows:

  • Nike

Nike is a popular brand from the United States that is popular for its sports equipment. It is also the main sponsor for some international sports. Not only running shoes, football shoes, Nike also produces good quality cross-fit backpacks for all sports purposes.

  • Reebok

Following Nike, Reebok is another global sports brand that is popular around the world. This US brand has more than 50 types of sports equipment including a cross-fit backpack. As a global brand, you do not need to worry about the quality of this product.

  • Under Armor

This brand always put comfort as the goal of their product. No wonder, their backpack is always comfortable even when you carry heavy things in your bag.

The Most Visited Places in Singapore

Have you prepared your New Year celebration this week? Where will you celebrate it? Most people usually prepare a special activity to celebrate New Year’s eve with their partner or even family. This annual activity is dominated by firework parties in some of the popular places, music performances, and BBQ parties with a lot of people. Singapore becomes one of the most visited countries to celebrate the New Year.

Singapore is located in the Malaya peninsula and is only 728 km2 wide. It is almost as wide as Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia. Therefore, it is easy to visit the whole country only in one day. The transportation is good so you will not find difficulties to visit the popular places there. Especially for the New Year celebration, there are some places that you must visit to spend your new year’s eve with the people you love the most.

The Most Visited Places In Singapore For Couple

If you plan to spend your new year’s eve with your partner as a couple, the below places are highly recommended for you. Mostly, these places offer a romantic situation for couples.

  1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay is officially opened in 2010 and becomes the most popular places in Singapore. It is a combination of the entertainment center and resorts for all tourists around the world. There is 3 iconic building with a big ship on the top. Mostly they take a picture with the building as the background. The location is so romantic for couples to spend new year’s eve there.

  1. Helix Bridge

The location is quite near to Marina Bay Sands so you can reach the place only by walk. The view is the best at night because the whole lamp will turn on and shows the framework of DNA. Therefore, it is recommended if you visit this place on new year’s eve rather than on the day.

  1. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is an island separated from the main Singapore island so you need to cross with public transportation such as the bus or monorail Sentosa express, or cable car. If you choose the cable car, you can see the beautiful view of Singapore from the above. Sentosa Island offers some beautiful places such as beaches, restaurants, and shopping malls.

The Most Visited Places In Singapore For Family

If you want to spend the new year with family, these places are really recommended especially for kids. They can enjoy the view and learn from the places as well.

  • Merlion Park

As the icon of Singapore, Merlion Park is the most popular place in Singapore. The merlion itself has a long history for the country name. Merlion itself is an abbreviation of mermaid and lion.

  • Universal Studios

This place is very suitable if you want to spend time with your child. We can say that this place is all children’s dream, especially for Disney lovers. It has so many Disney characters that children see on TV or in movies. Make sure that you book the ticket first because they limit the visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

8 Great Ways to Expand Your Home Business

A home business is a great choice if you want to work from home but still want to make money. This business is commonly done with the family and they will work together to develop certain businesses. Doing a home business is not an easy matter. Even though we work with the family, we must be discipline and work properly just as well as working at another place. In some cases, people sometimes are bothered because they work with their families.

Before you start a business, of course, you have to make a great plan to expand your home business. It starts with good marketing to promote and introduce your product not only to the family but also to the wide family. Good marketing will determine either a business is successful or not.

Common Mistake In Expanding Home Business

Here are common mistake done by business starter:

  1. Lack Of Promotion, especially using social media
  2. Not consider market needs, lack of research
  3. Lack of photos and description that may take people interest

How To Expand Your Home Business?

For a home business starter, you have to make a great plan to do a home business. Either it comes from the material or ingredients, producing process, and marketing. You can follow 8 strategies as follow:

  • Make good connections

Since you start a home business, you have to make great connections with family and neighborhood. Indirectly, they will help you to promote the product to other family and acquaintances without asking. Therefore, connections are important to promote your home business.

  • Promote with private social media

You can use social media to promote your product to the wider community. Usually, social media includes your old friends and acquaintances. You can post the product with interesting captions. You also can use chat apps where you can post a daily status about your home products.

  • Sell to the local shop

Selling to a local shop is always great for a beginner. Especially if your home business is foods or beverage, you can do sell the product to a local shop. It will help customers to find the products easily without going to your home.

  • Use influencer from top social media

An influencer is always one of the best choices to expand your home business. Many influencers from top social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok that open endorse for home products. They will post the products on their social media so their followers can easily recognize your products.

  • Brochure and Pamphlet

Brochure and pamphlet is a good choice to expand your home business, especially in family gatherings or occasion. Even though this method is more expensive, it works for older people to know your products.

  • Make your own offline store at home

Nowadays, there is no excuse for you to open your own offline store at home. Offline store at home will deduct the expense. Rather than renting a stall which is located far from the house, you can decorate the terrace or living room to be a small store. It is recommended for all home business starters.

  • Join Marketplace

The emergence of E-commerce is always useful for businessmen. It helps them to sell products online and offer products as much as possible. The consumers are also satisfied because they can do shopping at home.

  • Always make innovations

Once your products are known by consumers, you can ask a random opinion about them. Later, you can use their response to make a better and new product for them.

The Great Strategy Internet Marketing For Beginners

In this digital era, internet marketing is getting more popular for consumers. It helps sellers or other service providers to get more attention from consumers. Moreover, people use the internet as their daily and primary needs so it will not bother the customers. Different to conventional marketing which is more difficult and expensive, we can do marketing for our products and service only by home. We do not have to go around popular places and give a brochure to our next consumers.

In internet marketing, we have to be active to promote in our social media such as Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok which is popular nowadays. We also can use our chat applications such as WhatsApp or line to get closer to them. Even, it is better if you have your own website to make it more trusted and official.

Why Do We Need Internet Marketing?

It is good if you start to use great internet marketing for your business. The comparison between conventional and internet marketing is huge such as:

  1. More efficient

Nowadays, people tend to use the internet to find anything that they want. For example, they want to buy pizza or dress, they will ask the internet which shop is recommended for them. By online marketing, your business can be one of those recommendations without leaving home. You can do other thing at home while doing marketing for your business

  1. Less Expense

Since you do not have to leave the house, you can cut the transportation expense and meal expenses as well. You can stay and eat at home without taking more money for your business. Besides, you also do not need additional expenses for parking.

  1. Easier

If you are a shy person and cannot communicate well to promote the product, internet marketing is great for you. You do not have to meet and talk to them directly. You can promote and answer their questions by chat or email.

What Are Strategies For Internet Marketing?

  1. Make an official website

As it is explained before, a website will help your shop be more trusted. You can ask the website establishment which you can find on the internet. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly so people can access it with their smartphone easily.

  1. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you have had an official website, you must use SEO to increase the traffic to your website. Traffic in this case means the visitor that is interested in your product and services. If you have good SEO, your website can be on the first page of the searching result. Of course, this chance can make more customers for you.

  1. Work with Influencer.

Nowadays, an artist is not only for those that we see on TV or movie screen. Youtuber, Blogger, and Celebgram are also popular nowadays. Usually, those are people with a hundred thousand followers on social media. You can ask them to promote your product on their social media. This activity is known as “endorse” or “affiliate marketer” in social media.

How to Start Business during COVID-19 Pandemic

It has been a year since the Corona Virus is founded in Wuhan, China. The virus spread continuously up to today and killed millions of people around the world. It does not stop there, the economic condition is also unstable, the USD rate is getting higher day by day. Most companies are getting bankrupt or even closed because the consumers are lower than before. Not only private companies, but governments also face the same problem.

Since most companies are closed or almost bankrupt, they initiated to cut the expense. As result, they cut the number of workers and the rest of them become jobless. The job opportunity is also getting smaller and difficult. This condition makes people think smarter and more creatively to make their own job opportunities. One of them is starting a business with all their skill. Starting a business is not easy, we need to learn and never stop trying.

The Most Popular Business During Pandemic

During the pandemic, people can start their businesses to make money. Before starting a new business, we need to consider the most needed thing by a consumer during the pandemic. Below are some options you might to know:

  • Healthy Delivery Foods

During the pandemic, health experts recommend people to eat healthy foods rather than fast food. For business, you can start offering healthy people, especially for the busy ones. They do not have enough time to cook by themselves and go outside to buy the ingredients.

  • Fashion Mask

Nowadays, a mask is a must for everyone who wants to go outside. However, the mask is not only a safety matter but also a trend. We can offer a cute mask that is not only for protection but also for fashion. Especially for formal occasions, the cute mask is a must for most women to make them stand out.

How To Start A Business During Pandemic.

First of all, when you start a business, you have to understand that business is all about hardship. It needs time if you want to make a smooth business. Here are some tips you can learn before you start:

  • Make a good connection

Business is all about connection. Starting when you decide on the supplier, consumer, and worker, you need connections. If you want to make a great business, you have to make good connections with all people around you that may help your business.

  • Deciding the business based on passions

It is great if you can do the business based on your passions. It will lift the stress you may face in starting a new business. Even, you will not really feel the pressure because you do it based on what you like.

  • Choosing the right partner

If you are not ready to do your own business, make sure that you choose the right partner. It is better if you choose a partner from your family because you have known them more than anyone else. However, you also can choose the one who has started a business earlier than you.