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recorded in 2004 released on cassette by burger records in 2013


happy sidekick tall tales are your special place feeding on every word that freezes when it takes shape you're quite pleased but you can't afford to write yourself into new folklore you look strange at the grocery store you were hopeful in the same decay when you walked into second grade everybody thinks the same and you've got style to throw away but not the kind not the kind you keep now that you've spun the wheel around you hush the crowd as the prize drops down there is no prize and you've won no crown there's something in the way you heard and this makes you very scared telling everyone beware and you've got to move along welcomes are always wearing out 

zoink All drop down on their knees it's a signature please when asked how bad can it be 2 dead wrong and you're right split and dangle you fight what is your sacrifice all these shifts to think twice and you still have nothing to show for all the wonderful things you've done i cut down the best tree and made a house out of leaves of pages that couldn't feed 2 dead wrong and i'm right split and tangle i fight what is my sacrifice all these shifts to think twice and i still have nothing to show for all the wonderful things i've done this isn't a world of apologies so I'll hold off with mine until I have to I'm not a man a man until I want to cruise down easy street pissing into side cars

already gone don't get down don't hear yourself say i don't mind cause i was there and i'm already gone don't rush love don't hear yourself saying time is now or never babe cause you were there and you're already gone i propose you take it slow you think things through with all the clues and then avoid being the goat don't back down don't get all bossed around cause i won't care cause i was there and i'm already gone i propose i spend the most and when i'm empty out of any i can prove to you it shows

pullover tore up all of us feel life but none of us feel right give me a meaning that is not nice but i'll believe that enemies are friends to be with hooks for hands and calculated sayings but you'll believe hesitantly the reasons why you're much better than all of this just took back your first kiss hold off on rallying love on and you'll bite your tongue you're too old you're too young i'm too strong to lift with my whole heart yet manuever in a way to get those punches in late you find it hard to express yourself daily i find it hard to express myself clearly so glad we're miniatures we'd all fit much nicer together if we were empty storage bins

holder piss on the urgent the number one the fascination the bottle spun an in depth triumph and guilty fun I've never seen a monkey slap her young can't hold the door can't hold your tongue reach for the joke book and a cap gun at the mall when the world has lunch the guy with ice creams' shirt says well hung I never saw it coming until too late everyone against the wall don't wait I never was a hero and not today I didn't hesitate In the dark room there was a shot of a Barbie doll swimming in pot it made me happy it made me stop I've known a little I've got a lot I never was stunned by the size of this planet I never really cared how small it was I like that it is blue and green and helpful for all that I want

wink can't you wave and smile at seniors don't you like the way i'm leaning weight was never pressure till it's work wouldn't you like to be six million people aware of one idea follow it cause that's just what you are and chocolate hurts my teeth all the twelve year old kids with cash have a ritalin stash and they're parents like to sleep through the news of the earthquake in bam iran

squeezed i drank a drink for old times sake and ate a piece of heart shaped cake i'm one year older to the day i saw a picture from this day one year ago and i looked great been second rate as of late now i have felt like meiser fake some take a sip and drain the lake i gorged myself to sit and wait how much longer could this take life desperations now are made with life goals frothing in the wake

repose really no chances at a new gift passing generations always been swift using new wishes on an old ledge can't afford nothing and we're faultless something like this really no advances to announce if learning formal lessons on a sharp cliff pushing out to sea and the winds' brisk can't get back to land unless you brought it this year wilted really no alaska could be listless pulling up the chord to a new lift pressing broken lips beside a dead fish resale owners' mistress looked a bit miffed she's got an itch

stormer where would you like this on your cheek it's a kiss or a slap or a hammer i thought that you could read my face when it has not altered and you know when you're the face as a nail or an encounter on a real bad day

crap in all the suffering there's something quite joyful and mute theme that often ain't mentioned at all there's gifts in the deep breath i'll take the long way i'll have to find it's good when it's not safe pull up a chair to the table and play a card for your sister while she takes a break it's never redundant to think on some old friends there's nothing inside that makes you see clear and it's not overbearing to wish you were better but you better not trade what you got for a front i'll take the place of alister crowley the back of the album so i can observe i'll twist and shake never too calmly it's good cause it's good and the amish don't ask why